Farrell's Marsh

Chambers St & Beech Ave
Steilacoom, WA

This heavily wooded area, with its many trails has long been the destination for many school field trips, walkers, bicyclists, and others. The park contains approximately 3,500 feet of fresh-water shoreline, three viewpoints, and is home to several varieties of waterfowl, such as blue herons and kingfishers.

The Marsh also has served as inspiration for poets such as the late Hilda Skott, dozens of boy and girl scouts, and even for residents who visit the area to harvest the annual blackberry crop, or just to experience the woodland.

Wagon ruts, carved into the ground on the property more than 150 years ago, are still visible. Anyone who takes time to meander the Marsh’s several pathways can locate them.

Farrell's Marsh Trails Map

Map          Aerial View

Park hours: Open ½ hour before sunrise and close ½ hour after sunset.
This park has 4 features:
Fresh Water Shoreline
Bridge Log Foot Bridge
Viewing Platform (View Points)

This park has no rental facilities.
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farrells marsh2