Public Safety


To reach an officer NOT during an emergency, please call (253) 287-4455 or (800) 562-9800.


Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Steilacoom Department of Public Safety is to protect life and property, safeguard rights, and build strong community relations.

Department Core Values

  • Service
  • Compassion
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence

Emergency notification

CodeRED is an emergency notification system for the Town of Steilacoom. At no cost, persons may opt-in to receive emergency and general notifications. To sign up for CodeRED: click here. For more information, please click here.

Online Reporting

File a police report online: click here.

The following incidents may be reported online: 

  • Theft (The wrongful taking of personal property, EXCLUDING firearms, vehicles, or vehicle license plates)
  • Vehicle Prowl (Property has been unlawfully taken from inside of a vehicle, or an attempt to take property from inside of a vehicle has been made)
  • Fraud (The intentional use of deceit, a trick or some dishonest means to take another’s money, property or a legal right, EXCLUDING instances where you know, or think you know who did it)
  • Vandalism or Destruction of Property (Physical damage caused to another person's property; writing, painting, drawing, or marking of any property with paint, ink, markers, or other substance)
  • Lost Property (Missing or misplaced property; property with no readily identifiable owner)

* You can ALWAYS report any incident directly to an officer by calling one of the above telephone numbers.

** To ensure proper system performance, please include the city with your street address. (Example: “601 Main Street, Steilacoom”)

To anonymously report suspicious activity, please email the department at:

To report persistent traffic concerns, please submit the following information via email to the department at:

  • Location of concern.
  • Time of day when concern occurs.
  • Description of concerning behavior.

​Concealed Pistol License Applications/Renewals

Applications and renewals for a CPL can be obtained through South Sound 911. For more information, please click here.

Response data

Weekly update: Here

Monthly Crime and Offense report: Here

Monthly Fire and EMS report: Here

Court Ordered Surrender of Weapons

If you live within the Town of Steilacoom and you have been ordered by a court, you may surrender weapons to the Department of Public Safety. For more information, please click here.

Proper Disposal of Expired & Unwanted Medicines

The Steilacoom Department of Public Safety offers a drop-off kiosk for expired and unwanted medicines. For additional information, please click here.


Pierce County mental health support for youth:

Fire Marshal

Any contractor or homeowner performing work on a new or existing fire suppression or fire alarm system must apply for a fire suppression permit by filling out a permit application and submitting it to the Pierce County Fire Prevention Bureau. The Permit application can be accessed at the following link: Pierce County Fire Marshal Permit. A town building permit must be obtained before a fire suppression permit will be issued from the Fire Marshal Office.

For information about recreational burning in Steilacoom please visit the Pierce County website on outdoor burning at the following link: 
Outdoor Burning.


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