Utility Billing

Copies of the Town's Utility Billing Code are available at the Town Administration Office at 1030 Roe Street.

Utility Billing - Online Payment Option 

Customers may access the online payment option at: Utility Payment Portal

Signing Up for Utilities

To sign up for utilities, you may call 253.581.1912 or come into the Public Works Facility office at 1030 Roe Street, Steilacoom, Washington 98388. 

Billing Dates

Service Dates16th - 15th
Billing Date21st of the month
Due Date10th of the month

Account Setup Fee

Any new or existing customer who requests startup of any utility service for a location at which they are not presently served, shall pay a non-refundable account fee of $10. This fee covers the initial service call, meter reading, and account setup paper work. This fee will appear on your initial utility bill.

Utility Service Deposits

Every applicant for utility service, except those who own or are contract purchasers of the premises to which service is furnished, is required to post a deposit securing timely payment of bills.

Deposits Required

  • $200 for apartment, duplex or condo
  • $200 for houses with gas or oil heat
  • $250 for houses with all electric heat

Note: At the town administrator's discretion, a deposit of as much as twice the estimated average monthly bill of any service may be required of accounts that have a history of high electrical consumption or poor payment history.

Deposit Refunds

Deposits are applied to the final bill when a customer vacates the premises. Refunds will be issued within 3-4 weeks from the move-out date. Customers are responsible for notifying the Utility Billing Department 24 hours prior to move out date.

Monthly Billings

A customer who receives utility service shall be billed monthly according to applicable rates. Billings shall be posted by regular mail to the address of the premises receiving service or an alternate address if provided.

Chapter 13 of the Steilacoom Municipal Code contains the current utility rates. Press "Ctrl" and "F" on PC or "Command" and "F" on Mac to search "13.32 Fees and Charges" for information on rates.

Disconnection for Nonpayment

Notice.  If an account for utility service is delinquent, the Town shall notify the customer that service will be disconnected without further notice unless the delinquent account and all penalties are immediately paid in full, or a contract for payment is established as promised in SMC 13.24.060(d).  The Town has the authority to enforce liens for every delinquent bill as outlined in the Steilacoom Municipal Code 13.24.080.