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Posted on: January 25, 2018

4 Ways to Minimize Your Impact on the Environment in Nearly Every Way

As we hear more about the impacts of daily living on the environment, climate change, and carbon footprints, we wonder how we can minimize our impact on the environment. While we recycle, conserve water and energy, and walk or ride a bike as often as we can, there are other things we can do in our daily lives to be more responsible citizens. Our tips for sustainable living will keep your impact on the environment to a minimum.


1. Commit to Sustainable Living as a Pet Owner


As a pet owner, it can be difficult to minimize your impact on the environment because you aren’t sure how to live a green life when purchasing pet supplies, taking care of flea and tick issues, and keeping your pet safe outdoors. With a little research, you can find eco-friendly dog products including beds, collars, leashes, fencing material, and other necessities. 

Keep in mind that your dog will be healthier and happier when you use shampoo, tick and flea remedies, and pet food and treats that are all natural. Many of the manufacturers of all-natural pet products care about the environment and use packaging that is better for the environment, too.


2. Switch to Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products


The amount of chemicals in household cleaners is dangerous for your health and the environment. If you switch to eco-friendly cleaners, you will reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. You also will minimize the number of chemicals going down your drains and into the sewer and water system. When you use greener cleaning methods, you reduce waterway pollution and air pollution and reduce your impact on ozone depletion and global climate change. You’ll also find that many green products use recyclable packaging, which reduces your plastic waste.


If you’re not sure which cleaning products are eco-friendly, check out the recommendations from The Spruce. Consider switching to eco-friendly dishwashing soap and detergents and bathroom cleaners, too. An alternative is to make natural cleaners so you know exactly which ingredients go into them. Try cleaning with vinegar, lemon, and baking soda.


3. Reduce Your Plastic Waste


You may be surprised by how much plastic you rely on each day. In fact, if you take a look around your bathroom and kitchen, there’s a good chance that nearly every product is packaged in or made of plastic. You may have carried the products home in plastic bags, and you likely transport them to recycling centers in those same plastic bags.


If you want to significantly minimize your impact on the environment, be proactive in reducing plastic waste. Start by taking stock of that bathroom and kitchen. Stop using straws, stop purchasing cleansing products containing micro-plastics, stop using disposable razors, use glass alternatives to bottles and other plastic containers, and switch to reusable bags, dinnerware, and silverware. Recycle the plastic items that you can, and find creative uses for those that you can’t.


4. Get Your Community Involved in Sustainable Living Practices


As an individual, you can minimize your impact on the environment significantly. Just imagine how much greater your impact will be when you get your community involved in sustainable living. Towns and cities across the nation are coming together to help the environment, and you can begin by learning from their examples. Some of the greenest places on earth have sprawling parks, efficient public transportation systems, public spaces for walking and community gardens, plentiful bike lanes, and comprehensive recycling and composting programs.


You don’t have to run for public office to make a difference. Start by talking to your friends and neighbors about recycling and reducing their plastic waste. Look into existing community gardens or groups that work to create natural spaces to support the bee population. Host a Meetup or other informal meeting to inspire others to join your cause.


You can minimize your impact on the environment in nearly every way if you switch to eco-friendly cleaning products or make natural cleaners, reduce your plastic waste, commit to sustainable living as a pet owner, and get your community involved in sustainable living practices.

Submitted by Christy Erickson


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